Musictheatre Wegener Zaal, Appeldoorn, Pays-bas



Technical Specifications

Phase1: Acoustics and sightlines for the construction of a music theatre and opera house.
Phase 2: Post opening services for acoustic advise on the variable acoustic system settings ; Programming of the 2005/2006 and the 2006/2007 musical season.

Budget :
34 M€

Opening Date:
Phase 1 : 2004
Phase 2 : 2007

Architects :
Architectuurstudio Herman Hertzberger, Amsterdam

Acoustician :
Federico Cruz-Barney project manager for Artec Consultants inc for phase 1.
Studio D A P – Federico Cruz-Barney and Hans Verbugt project managers for phase 2.

Seat count :
1200 seats

Surface :
4 300 m²

Client :
Orpheus, G.A. Kroeze-Knol, Postbus GC, Churchillpelin 1, 7314 BZ Apeldoorn

This project concerns the design of a multi use theatre with variable acoustics, capable of showcasing a wide variety of musical events:

  • symphonic and chamber music concerts
  • theatre
  • opera
  • Broadway type shows, etc.

Our mission was to deal with the adjustment of the sound and the variable acoustic systems depending on the event following an acoustic study.