Exposition «Brassens ou la liberté» au Musée de la Musique, Paris


Georges Brassens en concert
Exposition Georges Brassens
Exposition Georges Brassens
Exposition Georges Brassens
Exposition Georges Brassens
Exposition Georges Brassens

Technical Specifications

Room acoustics, Noise isolation and noise & vibration control


Theatre planner:
Christian Marti, Antoine Fontaine, Gladys Garot à Montreuil

Exhibition Curator:
Joann Sfar, Clémentine Deroudille

Acoustician :

Client :
Musée de la Musique

Website :
Cité de la musique

The Music Museum in the Villette’s park, dedicates an exhibition to Georges Brassens from 15 March to 21 August 2011.

The exhibition is developed in three levels :

  • On the 1rst floor, the visitors follow a path in a continuous space, learning about the life of Georges Brassens through acoustic and visual elements. Our mission here, was to make all the different sounds compatible with the nature of an open space. The absorbing materials have been installed in specific parts of the room as to increase as much as possible their efficiency and in order to be fully integrated to the scenography.

    The exhibition zones have received an acoustic treatment which transcribes the different phases of his life.

  • On the second floor, two performance spaces are proposed: the first one includes audio and video projections and the second a stage devoted to small musical ensembles. Our mission is to provide excellent acoustic result as far as the soundproofing of the rooms and the interior acoustics of each space are concerned.