National theatre of Opera Comique, Paris


Opéra comique
Opéra comique
Opéra comique
Opéra comique
Opéra comique
Modèle acoustique de l'Opéra comique
Opera comique, plan

Technical Specifications

Scope :
Acoustic renovation of orchestra pit, interior acoustics and renovation of rehearsal space

Budget :
22 M€

Opening Date:
dec 2007 (phase I) ; 2016 for all other phases

Architects :
Alain Charles Perrot, Architecte en Chef des Monuments Historiques, Paris

Acoustician :
Phase I :
Association STUDIO D A P / ALTIA
Federico Cruz-Barney project manager

Phase II, III and IV:

Theatre planner :
dUCKS scéno

Seat count :
1300 places

Client :

Surface :
3 500 m²

Opera Comique

This national historical monument dating from the end of the XIXth century underwent an ambitious renovation that includes the orchestra pit, the interior acoustics of the audience chamber, and the reconstruction of the rehearsal space located above the main room. Studio D A P was in charge for the acoustic design of this ambitious renovation.

After completion in 2007, the musical programme includes baroque and contemporary opera as well as the opera comique genre. The orchestra pit renovation, included variable acoustics system as well as a variable geometry system. The final concept considered the following aspects:

  • An acoustic study based on in situ measurements as well as on a 3D computer model;
  • A thorough study on orchestrations and musicians distribution according to the ensemble size, repertoire and conductors’ conducting habits.

Still under way, other parts of the facility such as the façades, administrative spaces and the foyers are being renovated.