Studio D A P is a firm dedicated to providing acoustic consulting services for the design of performing arts spaces, such as concert halls, theatres, auditoriums and opera houses. Founded in 2005 by Federico Cruz-Barney, it combines a vast music knowledge with a personal sensitivity and the know-how of the acoustical design for performance halls.

Our acoustical expertise is applied to a wide range of projects and situations, from feasibility studies, to renovations and construction of brand new facilities. It involves all technical aspects of the acoustic design of a performance space:

The diverse cultural, musical, technical and scientific backgrounds of the firm’s personnel offer a unique and complementary working environment that is particularly suited to understand the demands of musicians and public, of cultural leaders and administrators alike.

Because we work in several languages – English, French, and Spanish – Studio D A P is open to both the national and international markets.

We strongly believe that every project is unique so that no preconceived formulation can be applied, but rather look for solutions that take into account the needs, expectations and architectural context as a whole. For this reason, we often involve ourselves early in the project, from the pre-design stages until the end of construction, to ensure that the acoustic design is integrated into the architectural and the artistic projects in a harmonious way.

But at Studio D A P we are convinced that the long-term success of a project does not rely only on the qualities of the finished space. Furthermore, since the overall qualities of a performance space depend both on the pertinent use of its technical capacities as well as on how well they adapt to the programme, we also offer acoustic post-opening services and assistance to the client for the programming of the musical season.